The consultation is a no pressure chat with our experienced bankruptcy attorney , Bret T. Allred. No need to prepare or gather documents. Most of Bret's questions have "yes" or "no" answers.


Bret will explain the costs and benefits of bankruptcy as well as any foreseeable challenges you may face. All charges are disclosed up front. Bret will also answer any questions you might have, and if your not sure what questions to ask don't worry; Bret's a lawyer and can talk for the both of you.


Although the consultation is informal, our duty to maintain the confidentiality of your information is one we take very seriously. No one will know you spoke to a bankruptcy attorney unless you tell them.


After the consultation Bret will email you our contact information and some reading materials for your edification. They include:

  • Overview of the Bankruptcy Process.
  • Important Information. (Identifies most of the benefits and possible detriments of bankruptcy)
  • Attorney Retention Agreement (In case you decide to retain our services)
  • Disclosures & Notices (From the federal government)
  • Exemption Laws (A list of state specific laws that protect your property from creditors)

  • Contact our bankruptcy law offices in Billings MT, Bozeman MT, or Powell, WY

    Montana call: 406-606-9700
    Wyoming call: 307-271-1034